A Mountain City of Toad Spendor
poems and microfictions by Megan McShea

official release: March 19, 2013
86 pages, paperback, $13.95

Advance praise from Blake Butler, author of Nothing
Put your brain in the glass domed beatbox of Megan McShea's brain and let her throw you both together against a hundred other kinds of surface. It feels good to be a lot of shattered good glass when the carrier is 700 kinds of music and McShea seems to have studied at the Harvard for Ooh. Full time demon voodoo!

An Afternoon of Toad Splendor
4:30 – 6:30 at WindUp Space (12 W. North Ave, Baltimore) FREE
(the book will be available for just $8)
Featuring Megan McShea’s new book, as read by
and Megan McShea herself
Music by The Mole Suit Choir and Electric Junk Band

The Toad Splendor Party is a celebration for the release of Megan McShea’s new book, A Mountain City of Toad Splendor. Megan will be joined by other local writers to read selections from the book, and music will be provided by the Mole Suit Choir and Electric Junk Band. Free!