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This is an intricate and wowing collection of poetry and prose that asks “how is it out there with you?” “Approaching greatness sideways like ants without eyes?” Or “just beckoning horrors?” No matter the weight of your spirit or whether you have feelings for “a toffee, a tart, perfect bedlam,” Megan McShea bids you welcome to hike with her (keep your buggy fingers out of her special blend rutabaga trail mix, though) into A Mountain City of Toad Splendor.

It’s as if Swiss writer Robert Walser is watching from his nearby shanty, chuckling gently and playing a vibey song, blowing through leaves in his hand, sing-chanting better days, better days. HTMLGiant’s editor Blake Butler has climbed the Mountain and heard “700 kinds of music.” He calls it “full time demon voodoo,” as he drapes his sweat and yogurt-stained lederhosen on a pinyon-juniper near a peak.

Whatever your “it” is, have you not grown weary of it?  Girl, McShea knows all about it—look inside.

Put your brain in the glass domed beatbox of Megan McShea's brain and let her throw you both together against a hundred other kinds of surface. It feels good to be a lot of shattered good glass when the carrier is 700 kinds of music and McShea seems to have studied at the Harvard for Ooh. Full time demon voodoo!
-Blake Butler, HTMLGiant editor

McShea is one of the only writers I know whose dreams I remember as if they were my own. She makes intricate languagescapes out of the theater of daily emotion.
-Lucy Corin, author of The Entire Predicament

Publisher Adam Robinson on the book for the Enoch Pratt Library